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Interconnector is a 100% virtual work & play space, designed for hosts. It enables you to create better, more engaging virtual meetings and experiences, with a little sprinkle of fun.




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Meet the end of the awkward screenshare

You’ve got 6 tabs at the ready, your palms are sweaty, better get your screenshare hand steady.... Anybody else get stressed out making sure everyone in the meeting is looking at the right thing at the right time? If so, we just made your day.

One link to rule them all

Stop spending time organizing links and permissions, and start enjoying the sunshine. Interconnector allows you to create dedicated rooms for all your projects. Put all the working links there, and never worry about people finding them again.

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Public or private rooms

Use all your favourite tools

Pre-organize your content

Create preset project rooms

Organize multiple tools into one link

Persistent meeting chat

Invite users to different content & rooms

Stop searching for links

Have a better meeting

Host your most organized and efficient meetings yet with Interconnector. With powerful participant and content management capabilities, you’re able to easily blend live interactions with online content. Better tools, better experience, better hosting. We’re just built different.

Add your favourites

Interconnector allows you to integrate all your files & links you need in one place. Add a webpage, Google doc, Miro board, Figma designs, Eraser whiteboard and many, many more integrations to your rooms. Away you go!

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Human-centric design.

There are a million technologies out there to help people communicate, collaborate, and connect remotely, but we never found one that allowed us to have the same shared feeling we have when we’re in the office. We wanted to create an environment that is true to to a real life work space. Build shared experiences and human connections with interconnector.

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Have a little fun

The real world is full of delightful little moments that aren’t on the agenda. The in-between things that happen at the watercooler, over a cheeky pint at lunch, or waiting for everyone to gather. Interconnector makes space for those interactions in your day to day work. Play collaborative games with co-workers, react with your favourite gifs, or hang out in the waiting room and chat between meetings.









Get that office vibe back

Pop in to someones office for a quick chat if you see they’re there, say hi to an old acquaintence in the meeting room, or meet over lunch for a quick go at the daily crossword. Maybe you’re here for pure fun, and that’s fine too. We’ve got you covered.

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Make your virtual activity have real life impacts.

For every hour of video chat from premium account teams, we plant a tree with TreeEra. We also donate 1% of all account revenue to Pollinator Partnership to support their mission to protect pollinators and their ecosystems through conservation, education, and research.

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